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Home Cinema Systems

To make things easy for our customers, we have summarised our vast knowledge of the Home Cinema sector into three unique experience series groups PREMIER, SIGNATURE & PRESTIGE. Each Series features different levels (or grades) of Home Cinema system/equipment that have been carefully selected to offer the utmost overall performance & value within a specific price bracket. Each series can also be scaled to various room sizes and seating numbers as required.


Bespoke home cinema & media room solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Typical system values
£10K - £25K plus installation

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‘Premium’ home cinema rooms with a keen focus on high quality, both audio and visual.

Typical system values
£30K - £60K plus installation

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The definitive home cinema experience – without compromise.

Typical system values
£60K+ plus installation

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Typical system values = £10k – £25k plus installation

Our PREMIER series systems offer the perfect solution for those seeking a high quality home cinema or media room experience. Whatever your size or style of room, we’ve got it covered with a wide range of equipment options from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

All configurations within our PREMIER series are carefully matched with exceptional quality and value at the very heart – typically featuring the very latest 4k Ultra HD picture paired with advanced audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Projector screens are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be permanently fixed or motorised to drop from the ceiling etc.

All solutions usually also include the latest Control4 handheld interface, ensuring your new home cinema is super easy to operate – without the need for a degree in technology!

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Typical system values = £30k – £60k plus installation

Our SIGNATURE series Home Cinema rooms are a genuine step-up from that of our PREMIER range, with a keen focus on high quality content, both visually and in audio.

Firstly, all speakers are specified at least one tier above that of our PREMIER systems, offering a suitably increased dynamic range.

Secondly, the accompanying amplifiers are switched up to ‘Class G’ technology as standard (from the likes of ‘Arcam’), offering greater efficiency and transparency, with less wasted heat energy whilst maintaining the precious audio signal.

Thirdly, the projector is upgraded to at least one model above our PREMIER range – offering improved picture brightness and detail. And last but not least, carrying forward the focus on quality, ALL of our SIGNATURE packages are built around the essential ‘Kaleidescape’ Strato 4k Movie Server system – ensuring that our customers have access to the very best content to watch on their premium Home Cinema system.

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Typical system value = £POA

The high-end home cinema market is teeming with a multitude of the world’s best audio and video manufacturers claiming their products are the ‘better than the rest’, a bold claim at any level!

With our 30+ years of industry knowledge, The Home Cinema Co. have carefully navigated this niche sector to build a portfolio of award winning products that when brought together, deliver an indisputably breath-taking experience that will appease many an audiophile and their video (phile) counterparts.

All of our PRESTIGE Series systems are designed literally from the ground up. Our experienced system designers will work to produce a complete 3D model of the intended space, including localised room treatments, lighting, decor and associated furniture.

High-end projector solutions are matched with high quality acoustically transparent screens that feature multi-aspect ratio masking between the common 16:9 and ultra-wide 2.4:1 (21:9) formats (similar to that used by all major commercial cinemas).

The audio installment is typically based around speaker systems that feature ‘Line Source Technology’ delivering a significantly clearer sound with virtually no audio reflections.

As with our SIGNATURE Series, all PREMIER Series systems are fundamentally built around the ‘Kaleidescape’ Strato 4k Movie Server system – anything else would be a compromise!


A fantastic service from start to finish. The Home Cinema Co. team managed every aspect of our project with meticulous detail, and the result was spectacular - it's like going to the cinema every day!

Lee and Shaun's knowledge about every aspect of our cinema room was outstanding. From the room layout to the tech, they guided us through the whole project and delivered a cinema room to our expect specification. Highly recommend!

We had been previously let down by other companies who installed our cinema to a sub-standard quality. Thankfully The Home Cinema Company guys came to the rescue; they rebuilt and reconfigured our whole room and now it works perfectly. Thank you!