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D-BOX Home Cinema Seating Solutions

We provide D-BOX vibration-enabled home cinema seats for your home. These are based on the same motion technology used in commercial cinemas.

D-BOX is one of the latest immersive movie technologies to appear in some of the best commercial cinemas up and down the county. D-BOX motion-enabled cinema seats create an incredible ‘next-level’ cinematic experience that moves your seat in sync with the action on the screen to immerse viewers in the movie so they feel like they’re actually in it!


How Does D-Box Home Cinema Seats Work?

D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in cinematic motion created specifically for the movie theatre industry. Now, the benefits of that same state-of-the-art immersive technology can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

Through the D-BOX HEMC™ (Home Entertainment Motion Controller) and D-BOX motion enabled chairs, you can experience the most amazing, life-like, non-distracting cinematic motion that money can buy.

Sending special motion codes from the D-BOX HEMC™ to a special motion enabled chair creates immersive cinematic motion, which is in sync with the action on the screen. The motion immerses the viewers in the movie to the point where they literally feel part of it. Such cinematic magic takes much more than hardware. It takes talent. What makes the experience one that connects on such an evocative, true-to-life level is the virtuosity of D-BOX motion designers. These gifted artists program each and every movement of the D-BOX enabled chairs to reflect the actions and emotions portrayed on-screen in the movie.

With over 1,400 movies currently available and additional releases added each month, luxury home cinema owners can now share the unique D-BOX experience at home with family and friends for countless memorable moments.

Private demos available upon request.  Contact us for more details.

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A fantastic service from start to finish. The Home Cinema Co. team managed every aspect of our project with meticulous detail, and the result was spectacular - it's like going to the cinema every day!

Lee and Shaun's knowledge about every aspect of our cinema room was outstanding. From the room layout to the tech, they guided us through the whole project and delivered a cinema room to our expect specification. Highly recommend!

We had been previously let down by other companies who installed our cinema to a sub-standard quality. Thankfully The Home Cinema Company guys came to the rescue; they rebuilt and reconfigured our whole room and now it works perfectly. Thank you!