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A control system is possibly the single most important piece of equipment in any home cinema!

At The Home Cinema Company, all of our bespoke home cinema projects are based around a central control system that is linked to all key audio and video devices as well as key in-room automation elements such as lighting, blinds and curtains etc.

One Device To Rule Them All

With one button-press, the projector turns on, the curtains/blinds close, the amplifier turns on (to a pre-set volume level) and the overhead lights begin to dim before queuing up your chosen movie – creating a truly immersive home cinema experience.

Take Control

A dedicated control system frees you from the technology chaos ensuring that all devices turn on and off perfectly, and in the correct order. A single hand-held universal smart-remote solution instead of the typical clutter of remotes – one remote to replace them all!

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A fantastic service from start to finish. The Home Cinema Co. team managed every aspect of our project with meticulous detail, and the result was spectacular - it's like going to the cinema every day!

Lee and Shaun's knowledge about every aspect of our cinema room was outstanding. From the room layout to the tech, they guided us through the whole project and delivered a cinema room to our expect specification. Highly recommend!

We had been previously let down by other companies who installed our cinema to a sub-standard quality. Thankfully The Home Cinema Company guys came to the rescue; they rebuilt and reconfigured our whole room and now it works perfectly. Thank you!