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Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic Treatments are essential to achieving the best audio performance from your new home cinema.

Even top-of-the-range speakers will fail to sound at their best if installed in an inadequate audio environment. For accurate sound reproduction, we want as much of the audio reaching your ears to have come directly from the speaker, rather than being reflecting off walls and other hard surfaces.

At The Home Cinema Company, we offer acoustic room treatment solutions handling both acoustic isolation (sound proofing) and in-room normalisation (i.e. reflection, reverberation and resonance).

Green Glue noise-proofing system

Acoustic Isolation

As a simple definition, acoustic isolation is the act of reducing sound being transmitted beyond the confines of the room and from other rooms into your home cinema. We can achieve this in a number of different ways, depending on the nature of the installation and whether it is a new build or renovation project. Typically, this involves the use of specialist products (i.e. Green Glue) to create an extra layer (or barrier) of protection between the cinema room and the adjoining areas.

In-Room Normalisation

Again, there are a number of specialist products that we frequently use to ‘treat’ our luxury home cinema rooms. The majority of these are unique foam based systems that have built-in properties to significantly reduce internal sound reflections (echoes) etc. Acoustic treatment products are chosen on a ‘per-project’, ensuring that our customers receive the best level of service time and time again.

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A fantastic service from start to finish. The Home Cinema Co. team managed every aspect of our project with meticulous detail, and the result was spectacular - it's like going to the cinema every day!

Lee and Shaun's knowledge about every aspect of our cinema room was outstanding. From the room layout to the tech, they guided us through the whole project and delivered a cinema room to our expect specification. Highly recommend!

We had been previously let down by other companies who installed our cinema to a sub-standard quality. Thankfully The Home Cinema Company guys came to the rescue; they rebuilt and reconfigured our whole room and now it works perfectly. Thank you!